Quality Board for Higher Education in Iceland


Research Evaluation Advisory Committee (REAC) is a subcommittee of the Board, charged with supporting the evaluation of research management in the universities and proposing ways that research outputs and impact could be evaluated in the future, in line with international best practices.

Philip Winn, Chair, Emeritus Professor, University of Strathclyde

Piergiorgio Consagra, Doctoral Student, University of Iceland (nominated by the National Union of Icelandic Students)

Christian Schultze, International Relations and Research Manager, Agricultural University of Iceland

Elín Díana Gunnarsdóttir, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Associate Professor, University of Akureyri

Finnborg Salome Steinþórsdóttir, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Iceland (nominated by the Rectors' Conference)

Halldór Jónsson, Director of the Division of Science and Innovation, University of Iceland

Anna Guðrún Edvardsdóttir, Research Manager, Hólar University

Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir, Associate Professor, Bifröst University

Hulda Stefánsdóttir, Dean of Academic Development, Iceland University of the Arts

Kristján Kristjánsson, Director of Research and Information Technology, Reykjavík University

Margrét Helga Ögmundsdóttir, Chair of the Science Committee of the Science and Technology Policy Council

Sara Stef. Hildardóttir, Project Manager of Research Services and Open Access, National and University Library of Iceland

Skúli Skúlason, Professor, Hólar University (nominated by the Quality Council)

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