Quality Board for Higher Education in Iceland

REAC Remit

The remit of the Research Evaluation Advisory Committee will include:

- Supporting and offering guidance on the application of the Core Model of evaluation of research management in the QEF, considering the outcomes produced, and advising the Board on the further development of the model

- Advising the Board on the development and piloting of the Extended Model of evaluation of research outputs in an international context l Supporting the further development of the evaluation of research within the QEF, especially taking into consideration international developments in the evaluation of research quality

- Hosting conferences in collaboration with the Quality Council on the evaluation of research management, to the extent resources permit

- Considering how an Icelandic CRIS system and the common data set on key figures from the HEIs published by MESC will contribute to the management and evaluation of research

- Ensuring that evaluations of research management complement the Board’s and the Council’s focus on enhancing the student learning experience.