Quality Board for Higher Education in Iceland

Quality Enhancement Framework

All current processes are detailed in the Quality Enhancement Handbook for Icelandic Higher Education 2nd Edition, 2017

The Icelandic Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF) provides an environment within which the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) individually and collectively, secure the standards of all their degrees, and systematically enhance both the students’ experience and the management of their research efforts.

From time to time during the second cycle it has been found helpful to provide some supplementary guidance to institutions for clarification or exemplification. Great care is taken to ensure that such guidance is entirely in step with statements in the Handbook and with the ESG and that full prior discussion has taken place with the Quality Council (and, if needed with, the Ministry). Indeed, the Council is asked to confirm its agreement with the additional guidance prior to its publication. Guidance notes are intentionally brief (usually a maximum of one page), cross-referenced in detail to the Handbook, and limited in number. To date, five such notes of guidance have been issued

The Quality Enhancement Framework is comprised of several components, click on the links for further reading.